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Create Unbreakable macOS Apps

Bushel is the macOS virtual machine app for developers who want to be rigorous and uncompromising in their app testing. Bushel is focused on giving you the complete, native capabilities of the operating system for all your testing requirements.

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Running macOS Monterey Virtually

No more "It works on my machine"

Bushel is a macOS-only virtual machine app made for developers who need an easy-to-use way to make sure your apps run perfectly across multiple system configurations and localizations.

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From the Sonoma beta to Monterey…

With Bushel, you can set up your virtual machine for almost any configuration, from a fresh, factory reset of the Sonoma beta all the way back to Monterey.

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With 1,000 possibilities, or 1'000…

For apps in France, China, Egypt and everywhere in between, Bushel can handle localization, accessibility and UX testing for every locale and language that Apple supports.

Running macOS Monterey Virtually

You can break everything!

Test, simulate, roll back and debug apps and scripts however you need to without worrying about destroying your machine. Need to run a startup script on a brand-new machine? We made Bushel to help you do it with zero risk!

Running macOS Monterey Virtually

Help us make Bushel brilliant!

Bushel is currently available in TestFlight. If you want to be download the beta, go to our TestFlight link to get the latest updates.

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