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  1. Onboarding & Library Creation After onboarding, users create a Library to manage macOS restore images, essential for setting up virtual machines.

  2. Importing Restore Images Users import restore images manually or via the Hub , which are then displayed in the Library for VM creation.

  3. Creating a New Machine Users proceed to set up a virtual machine using the imported restore image, starting the installation process.

  4. Starting the VM & Snapshot Functionality Users start the VM and utilize the snapshot feature for state capture and rollback.

For more details please checkout our support page or please feel free to contact us.

What is Bushel

Bushel presents a groundbreaking macOS virtual machine app, tailored exclusively for developers. Offering seamless testing, rollback capabilities, and diverse OS configurations, Bushel elevates the app development experience. Dive into the future of app creation with Bushel - where versatility meets efficiency, transforming the landscape of macOS app development.

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Bushel is completely free to use.

Upgrading to Bushel Pro includes enhanced capabilities, including: